Letters to JZ – Part 3: Attention Mr. Red Ronin

On 2013-07-13, at 7:14 PM, RR wrote:

Hey gorgeous,

I’m home, safe and sound. It took a little while to get everything up and running, but I’m online now and the first thing I wanted to do was send you a quick email.

I’ll write a little more tomorrow, plus give you an idea of when I’ll be back in TO, but for now I just wanted to let you know that I thought of you often today and am sending you some warm thoughts (and perhaps a little naughty one) ;p

Hope your Saturday was good and we’ll chat shortly.

RR. xoxoxo

From: JZ
Sent: July-13-13 8:46 PM
To: RR
Subject: Re: Happy Saturday

Hi hunny bunny,

I am glad you are safe, you must be tired. Please get lots of rest and try to have fun while you are there 🙂

Thank you so much for writing and I was so happy to spend time with you yesterday. I will be sending you warm thoughts too and I love that you are naughty hehe

Have a great evening and we’ll chat soon 🙂



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From: JZ
Sent: July-17-13 12:02 AM
To: RR
Subject: Attention Mr. Red Ronin

Hey hunny bunny,

I hope you are having fun in your home town 🙂  lucky you are not in Toronto, it’s been above 30 degrees for the past few days and I am melting lol

sorry I haven’t replied right away, I was swamped with work and school, my final exam is next tues! So nervous haha I hope I can pass so I can I can have a carefree summer 🙂

so what have you been up to? What’s the weather like in in your home town? Did you get to visit most of your friends and your family? It’s nice to have getaways sometimes after staying in one city for so long. Pleaseeee keep me posted on when you’ll be back because someone (me) from far away is always missing you 🙂

Sorry about last Friday. I don’t know why I got a bit emotional, maybe it’s a girl thing lol it’s hard not to get attached after a while and you’ve been so nice and genuine to me. But we will talk about this in person when you come back so things don’t get lost in translation. And you know I am not an articulated writer, expressing my thoughts through writing can be disastrous :p

I really really hope you are having fun and try to enjoy your trip in your home town. And I am only an email or a call away 🙂 have a goodnight and enjoy the sound of tree frogs!



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On 2013-07-17, at 8:46 PM, RR wrote:

Hey my gorgeous sweetheart,

My home town is good, I’m starting to settle in and get used to it. Will tell you more when I see you. And, it has also been blistering hot here, and so humid that I have an afro :). I’m not kidding :s.

Good luck with your exam!! I’m sure you’ll be fine and pass with flying colours, but just in case I’m sending you some warm thoughts.

I’ve mostly been running around trying to re-establish myself in my home town after having been gone for a year, plus get a few odds and ends (like a Police background check) for my PRC application. I have visited everyone except for mom, who I’ll see on Friday. I did speak to her over the phone on Sunday.

On that note, I’m returning next Tuesday, the 23rd.

Apology accepted, however you have nothing to be sorry about. It could be a girl thing, but I also get attached after awhile, so I think this means we are in good company :).

I’m thinking about you lots and I’ll see you in less than a week.

RR xoxox.


From: JZ
Sent: July-20-13 1:22 AM
To: RR
Subject: Re: Attention Mr. Red Ronin

Hello my dearie,

I am so glad you are getting use to living in your home town again. I just checked the weather in your home town, it is as hot as Toronto, but I hope there’s more breeze where you are. Haha I can’t imagine you having an Afro. It would be so adorable!! Are you getting a lot of attention from girls there?

Thank you for being so supportive, I’ve been studying and had a beer while digging into my books. I am pretty hard on myself, I hope my mark makes it into top 10 of 40 students in my class!!  If not, I will have to burn the school down. Lol you know I am kidding. I am such a sweet and timid girl 🙂 AND by the time you come back, I’ll be done my exams 🙂

Please tell me how you feel after you see your mom. I hope it’s a pleasant feeling seeing her again after so long. I have a day off today but we don’t get to hang out this Friday, so I’ll spend some time going shopping with my mom 🙂

Thank you so much for keeping me posted.

Please take care of yourself and stay cool. Goodnight my pookie bear!



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On 2013-07-20, at 4:59 PM, RR wrote:

Hey my super fantastic beautiful dahhhhhhliiing,


Let me get this straight. You beat Leonardo when he pees on you, the school is on your list of Places To Burn Down, and you beat up all of your ex-boyfriends. I’ve not yet seen this side of you, but can see that you are multi-faceted. Should I be a little worried? ;p I know you are kidding and you are going to do great on your exam.

Have fun with your mom today. I’ve not yet seen my mother, but will stop by tomorrow. I have spoken with her a couple of times on the phone. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I’ve been catching up on some movies I missed, like The Dark Knight Returns, and also just finished watching the second season of Game of Thrones, which was fantastic! Can’t wait for season three! I don’t get a chance to see much TV in TO because there is so much else going on, but here is a bit different. It’s quieter and I prefer to limit my time in the heat. Ah, god, I did not miss the heat at all.

And yes, I do get a bit of attention here, but it is a bit more subtle. Home town girls are pretty shy, so try not to let you know when they are checking you out. I can never tell if they are looking at me because they think I’m attractive or I look like a girl. I get some really strange looks sometimes which I find confusing. TO is much different, of course

Enjoy the day, sweetheart, and speak soon!



From: JZ
Sent: July-22-13 5:42 PM
To: RR
Subject: Re: Attention Mr. Red Ronin

Hello hunny bunny,

You make it sound like I am a violent freak lol you know I will never do such things and thinking about it doesn’t not count hehe… You shouldn’t be worried honey, I ll take care of you like a little flower. You cutie pie 🙂 thanks for the warm thoughts and encouragement, I will do good in my exam 🙂

I did have a great day with my mom and bought some cloths. The malls are having summer sales 🙂 what a great time to shop. By the way, it seems like you are trying to procrastinate seeing your mom for as long as possible. Please don’t mind if I am wrong, but I hope you have a pleasant time with your family 🙂

Dark knight is very very good and I heard games of thrones is so fascinating too. Are there a lot of nudity? It must be hot 🙂 I will start watching it after my exam.

The sun is pretty crazy for the last couple of days here too. It will get better towards the end of the week 🙂

You are right, Canadians are more open minded. Although you do look beautiful but you look more masculine than girly for sure so I am certain if girls look at you, they are attracted to you 🙂

I hope you have a safe journey honey and email or text me whenever you can. Please enjoy the last little bit of your trip!



Sent from my iPhone

From: RR
Sent: July-25-13 12:49 PM
To: JZ
Subject: Happy Thursday

Hey gorgeous,

I’ll send you a text later today, but just wanted to acknowledge this email. I was having internet/phone issues in my home town so didn’t see it until I arrived in TO.

Yes, you’re right! I was putting off seeing my mom until the last minute – well, almost the last minute. I ended up seeing her on Saturday afternoon and, well, that’s pretty much it. I get the feeling sometimes that you have questions and maybe concerns about the situation. I’d love to hear your thoughts if you do.

There isn’t a lot of nudity in Game of Thrones, but it is pretty graphic, and yes it is pretty hot 🙂 I’m not a huge fan of nudity/sex scenes in movies and TV shows – if I want to see that I’ll just watch porn, but it’s done pretty well in Game of Thrones. Perhaps we can have a marathon viewing session if you’re interested.

For some reason I’m missing you today and am definitely looking forward to seeing you on Saturday 🙂





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